Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Youth United Foundation. It’s an unusual charity with an important purpose: to improve the lives and the life chances of young people by making sure that every young person has the opportunity to join a uniformed youth group.

You may not have heard of us, as the Foundation itself has a relatively low profile. But you will have heard of the Network we were created to support, which comprises the leading uniformed youth organisations in the country, including the Scouts, Girlguiding, the Police Cadets and St John’s Ambulance Cadets. The eleven members of the Youth United Network already reach over 1.5 million young people throughout the UK, offering them the chance to mix with new people and learn new skills, help others and, of course, enjoy themselves.

Demand for what they offer is strong, with total waiting lists of 200,000 young people, and that’s just the young people who find their way onto a list. Experience has shown us that as the Network create new places and new units with funding secured by the Foundation, they are quickly filled and are highly sustainable, with more than 80% still flourishing three years later.

We work at significant scale, and have funded the Network members to create 42,000 new places, with a further 5,000 now being created with our most recent grant from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

We have had excellent support and leadership from our Interim Director, Sam Hyde, and are now ready to appoint someone to take on the role on a permanent basis. This is both an exciting and challenging time for the Foundation.  We need to complete delivery and evaluation of our current major grant from DCMS, work with our partners in the wider youth sector on the upcoming Government Spending Review, and develop and consolidate our small but highly dedicated and enthusiastic staff team.

I hope you are tempted to read on, and to consider applying to become our new Director.

Kind Regards

Jennie Price - Chair of the Board of Trustees 

ABOUT Youth United Foundation

Why We Exist 

In 2009, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales saw the powerful influence of uniformed youth and its positive impact on the lives of young people and communities from across the UK and brought together heads of the Nation’s leading uniformed youth groups to form the first collaborative network for uniformed youth. The Youth United Foundation, also founded by HRH The Prince of Wales, was created in 2012 to support the Youth United Network and to help Network Members to grow, particularly in disadvantaged areas and in communities where there is less tradition of uniformed youth activity. 

Our Vision 

Youth United’s vision is that every young person in the UK has the opportunity to join of one of our member organisations.

Our Member Organisations Are:

Army Cadet Force; Fire Cadets, Girlguiding, Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade, RAF Air Cadets, Sea Cadets, St John Ambulance, The Boys’ Brigade, The Girls’ Brigade England & Wales, The Scout Association, Volunteer Police Cadets

These established, national voluntary youth organisations come together under the Youth United banner to grow their provision, especially in areas and communities where there is less tradition of uniformed youth activity. They form a powerful Network which increases their joint understanding on issues, realises the benefits of collaboration and then, through each of their internal structures, supports local activity. Each member of the Youth United Network remains an independent organisation, working to realise their individual aims and objectives. The role of the Foundation is to secure and administer funding in an efficient and effective way to enable the creation of new uniformed youth groups where they are most needed, and to deliver strategic support for the Network as a whole, for example through the collation of data, including its mapping too.

Our Recent Work 

The Foundation recently received a grant by the Department for Communities and Local Government to support the DCLG with relevant projects exploring social integration within uniformed youth groups. The Foundation undertook two significant projects: commissioning of market research and consultancy firm ComRes to undergo a community consultancy research piece into social mixing within uniformed groups, and funding into the development of the Mapping Tool to demonstrate the distribution and sustained impact of uniformed youth activity across the country. Using the pre-existing IMD data, we concentrated on advancing the depth of information, overlaying other relevant datasets such as residential segregation between different communities, female economic inactivity and English language proficiency.


The Foundation has recently been successful in raising substantial grant funding of more than £5m, which it is currently in the process of administering. The bulk of the funds are allocated as grants to the Network members, with the Foundation retaining 5% to meet its administration costs. The Foundation is also directly funded from that £5m to undertake some specific project work designed to support and strengthen the Network as a whole.

This means that there is both administration and project funding in place for the remainder of this financial year (which ends at the beginning of October) and some limited unrestricted funds to meet running costs thereafter.

The Foundation is currently in active discussions on the Government Spending Review which is due to take place next year, and is collaborating with other key players in the youth sector to create a joint offer to Government. The successful candidate will be expected to play a key role in this process. 

For further information please view:

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Youth United Foundation

Help us ensure that every young person, regardless of background or where they live, has the opportunity to become a member of a uniformed youth group.

We believe that uniformed youth organisations offer young people a plethora of skills and experiences, laying the building blocks for them to overcome any barriers they may face and empowering them to be the best that they can be.

Founded by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, it supports a collaborative Network of the Nation’s leading uniformed youth groups to create and deliver programmes so that more young people – especially those facing disadvantage - have the opportunity to become part of a uniformed youth group. The 11 members of the Youth United Network  all offer an opportunity for young people to volunteer and learn skills in diverse environments, from public service to armed forces, to seas, skies, the wilderness and beyond.

Our role at the Foundation is to serve and support the Youth United Network. We do this by creating a forum for them to convene and share best practice and helping our members access Government funds so that they can increase their reach and impact.

We have already created 42,000 new places in uniformed youth groups, and are on track to create another 5,000 in the next year. This is an exciting, but also challenging, time for the Foundation as we complete delivery of our current projects during 2019, and look to secure our next round of funding, as well as seeking continuous improvement in how we can support the Youth United Network.  We are looking for a resilient and enabling Director to help us develop our strategy, evolve sustainably, maintain our focus on serving the Network organisations and be an effective guardian of public funds.  We need a Director who can help us do this by managing high profile stakeholders (both internally and externally), driving financial sustainability and ensuring impact.

Our ideal candidate is likely to understand and embody the principles of collaborative leadership and have exceptional people skills, the ability to create and deliver strategy and a high level of emotional intelligence. You may already be working within the youth sector but if not you must demonstrate an interest in youth and in enabling young people to enjoy new experiences. You will be supporting Network members who represent some of the biggest and smallest uniformed youth organisations in the country and you will need to be both flexible and diplomatic to respond and adjust your support accordingly.  

If you would like an informal conversation about the role you can contact our recruitment partners - Philippa Fabry on 07772 902071 or philippa@peridotpartners.co.uk or Emma Harvey on 07702 678653 or emma@peridotpartners.co.uk

Closing Date for applications is: 9am, Monday 4th February 2019


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